Passion and Innovation Bring Characters Alive!

Mobge PM

Project Manager

We have long thought about what a good game is. Good game for us is innovative outcomes created at the end of the process of putting a good idea into action by people who believe it. We don't know anything as enjoyable as watching a small idea grow and develop, sprout and shape over time. The factor that gives life to our characters is to show our passion for playing in every game and project, big or small.

We approach each project with the same diligence, same excitement and enthusiasm. That's why we always say "Passion and Innovation Bring Characters Alive!" This is our main motto that helps us overcome most challenging and long processes. Starting with 4 people, in the past 5 years, we have opened the doors of a brand new world for our users. In this world we created from scratch, we blended every detail with our characters and story with creativity beyond our imagination.

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